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Computer Vision can solve real business problems and Precog OS takes your cameras to the next level. With features such as intruder detection, fire and smoke detection, camera tampering detection, contactless attendance, customer insight, and more, there’s definitely something for your business needs. 

Precog’s compatibility with all popular camera brands, together with the platform’s user-friendliness, enables easy integration and onboarding of your current cameras into our system to monitor daily operations.

You can set up and begin tracking compliance variances using Precog in just a few minutes. Simple app deployment and configuration for your unique business requirements. For the precise information you need, map one or more apps to one or more cameras.

Precog alerts you and offers insights in real time thanks to two-way sync and a cloud-enabled platform. To proactively increase the security, safety, and productivity of your firm, you can monitor and take appropriate action.

CCTV on a brick wall

With Precog, gain real-time visibility into your customers, employees, premises, processes and improve your organization’s security, safety and productivity.

Machine learning doesn't work well with a one-size-fits-all approach

Users require solutions that are tailored to their workflow because businesses are often complex. Precog allows you to customize and set up vision apps to meet your unique business requirements. Set your own alert intervals, sensitivity levels, and timetable to receive alerts and insights that are specifically tailored to you.


Visual Intelligence - Object Counter - water bottles in a factory

Object Counting

Visual Intelligence Quality Control - Making burger in kitchen

Quality Control

Visual Intelligence Facial Recognition Check in at Office

Facial Recognition for Freeflowing Traffic

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