As part of our digital transformation and business processes consulting, we are providing a range of IT solutions. We believe that IT is a tool to support business objectives and outcomes, as such our delivery of IT solutions is tailored to achieve desired business objectives.

Our Partners

Iqxora Logo

Iqxora is your one-stop platform for rapid application development, content collaboration and business process automation. 

Predixxa Logo (Organization Diagnostic)

Predixxa® is a formidable combination of two powerful diagnostic technologies, The Alignment Diagnostic and Pulse4™. Predixxa® integrated these technologies with Harvard Business School academic concepts of alignment, producing a failsafe system for advancing corporate growth.

Precog OS provides visual intelligence technology and is in use for a wide variety of applications, for workplace safety, satellite image analysis, procedure detection in operating rooms, image quality control, in the cloud and as edge AI.

Don’t lose sight of progress across the levels of your company, in comparison to your vision, mission, strategy and goals. StratRoom provides you with the right strategic collaboration tools you need to empower teams from workstations to boardrooms, and beyond in an adaptive approach.

What started as a game-changing open-source, freemium CRM product is now a modern, robust, AI-driven cloud platform that keeps business moving and is the only purpose-built CRM platform that delivers high-definition customer experience. For too long, companies have been stuck with high-maintenance CRMs that require too much manual entry to be useful or offer too little functionality to actually get the job done. With SugarCRM, you let the platform do the work.