Simple to know…See if your making more money or meeting the promises made. If not, seek a better way to grow the wealth of your business. Is it time to take off the blinders, and look for more innovative technology?

Ask yourself if it’s logical to blindly follow any improvement recommendation without a factual accounting of the strategic and operational functions of your business. Ask your consultant if he/she would wager their entire life savings on the advice just given from their own experience or instinct, as they are asking you to wager your life savings on their advice. If lawyers and doctors commit malpractice, so can consultants.

This is the underlying problem: The iceberg of Ignorance recites that executives and business leaders know only 4% of the actual business problems, which means the business advisors also only know 4% of the issues affecting the business. It’s “the blind leading the blind. “

Compounding the issue, business has become terribly complicated and is being affected more than ever by external pressure. From inflation, to changing customers’ buying habits; from remote workers to supply chain issues, there is a greater need to align the business systems to be the well-oiled business machine capable of withstanding these pressures.

Written By:

Stanley Labovitz

Stanley Labovitz

CEO of Predixxa

To that end, there is a new sheriff in town with new tools.  AI software nested in a powerful diagnostic technology, that coupled with Harvard business science, offers a new window to growth and profit.

These tools provide each with a means to use calculated strategic pertinent data, becoming 100% aware of dysfunctions, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities on the desktop of each leaders and manager within minutes. No longer are special, expensive skills needed to discover “root cause” business problems.

Everyone who runs a business or manages a team needs to understand the importance of having a clear visualization to achieve their goals and dreams. It’s time to make strategic decisions using validated, sustainable business data. Stop shooting in the dark.

What Common Challenges Prevent Accurate Business Advice?

One common challenge is having too much conflicting data, without the tools to extract actionable insights. Without these insights, analysis to identify the root cause of problems impeding the path to growth and profit is impossible.

The next challenge is data validity. This is the rule:  Data that is reported solely in the aggregate leads to false signals, then false action taking. Each manager, each department needs its own data analysis to make pertinent and critical improvements common to that workgroup.

The objective to the very best analysis capability is the 1% McKinsey study.  If you improve volume by 1% and decrease variable and fixed cost by 1%, expect a 13.4% profit in the first year. Thus, giving managers the insights, tools, and support to advance departmental performance by only 1%, is the profit objective.

Today, advanced AI business improvement software can easily blueprint the path to organization’s health, with insight for shareholders, employees, customers, and vendors’ think and need.

Tools like the Culture Analysis breakdown each department; s strengths, opportunities, and costly dysfunctional areas. See what’s dysfunctional and eliminate it achieves the 1% McKinsey Rule.

Culture Analysis Age Band

The Gap Alignment Analysis tool isolates performance variation for elimination. Aligning workgroups is essential as “aligned organizations outperform their nearest competitor by every major financial measure.” . Harvard research on collaboration and cited in the Power of Alignment, Wiley, 1997.

Alignment Analysis

Using a specific process called Alignment Diagnostic, specially skilled Organization Alignment Specialists can help organizations identify misalignments and opportunities for improvement within minutes.

The data is collected from at least 90% of the employees. The data is analyzed by a powerful diagnostic engine, interpreted by Alignment consultants for providing high-level executive feedback, with in-depth analysis of findings, insights, and action recommendations.

Tools like our Pearson Correlation AI are used to pathway the entire organization to act in concert to achieve the goals of the executive leadership, this powerful weapon becomes the wagon to which all people will use to lead the business to unsurpassed growth and profit.

Predictive Matrix

In summary, using Alignment Diagnostic, organizations can inform their C-level executives, guide managers to drive departmental excellence, and dramatically improve customer loyalty-all at the same time.

This leads to organizational health. Another McKinsey study concluded that “companies that scored higher on the Organizational Health Index “delivered roughly three times the return to shareholders.” 

The Alignment Diagnostic process provides a personalized guide to bring an organization into better results, including greater profitability and other financial measures. By thoroughly evaluating the organization from top to bottom and understanding the needs and expectations of stakeholders, leaders can take effective action to adapt to changes and achieve greater results.

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Written By:

Stanley Labovitz

Stanley Labovitz

CEO of Predixxa