Reduce Cost and Increase Speed Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Financial Services

Financial Services Face Many Challenges In an increasingly crowded banking and financial sector, banks and other financial institutions must constantly evolve, remain competitive, and provide exceptional customer experience to users. Some of the top challenges they face include:  Cybersecurity With a 38% rise in cyberattacks throughout 2022, security in financial institutions is more crucial than […]

Increase Revenue Using Cross-Selling and CRM

Business Need: Increase Revenue The world is going through significant changes over the past few years due to a lot of rapid digital development and global economic instability. Customer acquisition is becoming increasingly difficult under these circumstances. Consider this: 1. On the buyer side, Gartner survey found that B2B buyers spend only 17% of time […]

Enhancing Employee Performance in the Retail Industry

Retail Worker

Retail industry faces many challenges today due to rapidly growing e-commerce platforms and the current unsettling political-economic situation around the world. Such challenges Include: High turnover rates In the U.S. alone, 2022 saw a turnover rate of 75.8% for hourly in-store positions and 29.2% for assistant store managers. Around 50% of hourly employees quit the […]

Are You Getting Effective Business Advice From Your Business Advisors?

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Simple to know…See if your making more money or meeting the promises made. If not, seek a better way to grow the wealth of your business. Is it time to take off the blinders, and look for more innovative technology? Ask yourself if it’s logical to blindly follow any improvement recommendation without a factual accounting […]

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